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Driver improvement in the motorsports and high performance driver education (HPDE) arena is not guesswork. Successfully and consistently improving lap times requires a scientific coaching and training process through which detailed objective analysis of a driver’s technique is methodically executed, identifying any weaknesses and working diligently to overcome them, then practicing the proper technique until it becomes habit; mere seat time, practicing lap after lap using a practice-makes-perfect mentality, does not improve driving skills unless that practice is using the proper technique, and can instead actually detract from a driver’s skills as the practiced bad technique becomes bad habit, and bad habits can be very difficult to overcome. This process is not unique to performance driving – all successful athletes use coaches to continually improve and refine their “game,” even at the highest levels of professional achievement.

Performance Information Technologies

has the experience and specialized tools needed to apply this scientific method toward improving the performance of drivers at all skill levels. Utilizing empirical analysis of the track layout and the recordings captured by our own video and data systems that incorporate multiple cameras, global positioning system (GPS) receiver and, if possible, vehicle on-board diagnostic (OBD) system input installed on the student’s vehicle, detailed corner-by-corner review of each on-track session reveals opportunities for improvement for that particular student in that particular vehicle on that particular day; historical footage and results from other drivers in other vehicles on other days may be used to illustrate certain concepts, but the focus is always individualized toward that student. Every session is reviewed with the student prior to their return to the track for the next session, using an iterative process throughout the day to methodically elevate the student’s abilities as the day unfolds. Beginning with areas that will yield the greatest improvements and tackling only two or three key concepts each session, incremental improvements build on each other and typically result in outstanding progress at the end of the day.

Our fees for coaching services are based on the location of the track and its distance from our home base at NJMP, with discounts given to NJMP Drivers Club members and certain other clubs and groups. Click HERE to see the events we’ll be attending, find out the fees for those events and sign up for your own coaching session to start letting science drive your success!