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In the world of motorsports, high performance driver education and motor racing, vehicle owners and drivers have only one measure of success: performance.

Turning faster laps, making your vehicle more reliable, keeping your race team members working together; these are all essential elements in improving the performance of your motorsports endeavors. From global positioning systems (GPS), data acquisition (DAQ) and telemetry systems to on board video cameras to drivetrain and chassis monitors to intercoms and two-way radios, on-board technology has become an indispensable tool.

Performance Information Technologies

will help you figure out what system makes the most sense for your needs and your budget, from an off-the-shelf product or a custom integrated system. If you’d like, we can also install the hardware, to the highest levels of professional workmanship, and document the installation for ease of ongoing maintenance and repair; we can also provide the training, support and coaching you’ll need to continue making the technology work toward your success.

The products we carry are scientific tools for serious drivers, whether in professional racing competition, club and amateur racing events, track day lapping or high-performance driver education (HPDE) and training events, while the services we provide allow you to obtain the greatest value from these tools; Data in the Fast Lane!