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Multimedia/Audiovisual Communications

Performance Information Technologies

helps people share ideas and information through the utilization of audiovisual and multimedia communications technology, which has become mission-critical in today’s world of hybrid and flexible environments, ensuring work or learning is as effective remotely as in-person. Our design focus is as much on the physical space in which people gather as it is on the technology itself: lighting, acoustics, aesthetics, ergonomics and user interface are all critical to the users experience; we work with the architects, engineers and other facility designers and specifiers to ensure that the technology functions in harmony with the environment, interwoven into the fabric of the facility rather than tacked on as an afterthought, optimizing the performance of the people within the space.

Performance Information Technologies

provides audiovisual and multimedia communications technology expertise in the following areas:
  • Video/Audio/Web Conferencing, Unified Communication and Collaboration
  • Voice Reinforcement, Intercom, Public Address, Assistive Listening, Sound Masking
  • Video/Computer Presentation, Video Walls, Projection
  • Digital Signage, Signal Distribution, Command and Control
  • Room Reservation, Occupancy Management, Facility Control
  • Image Capture, Audio/Video Production