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Contractor and Fleet Vehicles

Public Safety and Emergency Response

In the world of public service and emergency response fleets, success is measured in one way: making lives better.

Children need to go to school; the sick and the injured need medical care; fires need to be fought; criminals need to be pursued, apprehended and transported. These activities are all a necessary part of daily life that the general public usually takes for granted, but which could not take place without the vehicles that make them possible. Dependability, safety and security are the hallmarks of these vehicles, and it falls upon their owners and operators to ensure that nothing compromises the trust that the public places in them, trust that can be ensured with the proper application of modern technology that might include global positioning system (GPS) vehicle location tracking and logging devices, vehicle data loggers, single- or multiple-camera on-board video and audio recorders or two-way voice and data links.

Performance Information Technologies

provides the fleet management technology and the know-how to help you make sure your vehicles are always ready to serve, with confidence that your operators and passengers are safe and your vehicles are secure from vandalism, misuse, abuse and neglect. On-board audio and video monitoring, intercoms, public address and warning sirens are but a few of the technologies that are necessary. If you’d like, we can also install the hardware, to the highest levels of professional workmanship, and document the installation for ease of ongoing maintenance and repair; we can also provide the training and support you’ll need to continue making the technology work for you.

The products we carry are scientific tools for serious professionals, whether in the public service, emergency response or public safety fields, while the services we provide ensure the highest levels of dependability and reliability from these tools; Data in the Fast Lane!