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Performance Information Technologies

doesn’t just sell you the hardware and then leave it to you to figure out how it can help you; technology is only valuable when it’s accomplishing something useful for you, and the expert services we provide will make sure you get the most for your money.

Services can be purchased in comprehensive packages that ensure you a higher priority in getting the help you need without having to watch every minute ticking by on the clock, on an as-you-go basis in hourly or daily increments if your needs are more limited or in customized bundles if your requirements are somewhere in between; whatever your needs, we provide the expertise to enable the science you need to drive your success.

Our services include:

Video/Data Driver Coaching

We’ve all heard the jokes about the “loose nut behind the wheel,” but the truth is that the driver is usually the weakest link in the high-performance chain. Spending thousands of dollars on big brakes, free-flowing exhaust, radical engine and motor upgrades, trick suspension or other modifications might result in improvements measured in fractions of a second, but becoming a better driver is nearly guaranteed to drop whole seconds from your lap times, and at a much lower cost. Click HERE to find out more about video/data and global positioning system (GPS) driver coaching and training services.


Trackside and Field Support

A day at the track is very demanding on both your time and your talent, and properly managing your technology throughout the day can become an additional burden that distracts you and your team from your true goals. We’ll alleviate that burden by providing thoroughly professional support to ensure that your on-board technology devices are completely functional throughout the day and that any recorded files are properly downloaded and archived.


Systems Consulting and Design

One size rarely fits all when it comes to technology; what works perfectly fine for one application might be completely inadequate or total overkill for another, and there’s no bigger waste of money than getting a great deal on something that doesn’t meet your needs. We’ll work with you to uncover your specific requirements and then develop a specific system design that directly accomplishes your goals.



Equipment Sales and Installation

You can always search the Internet to get a lower price for the hardware you need, but we’ll give you competitive pricing, professional installation and expert configuration so that you’re assured that it’s done right and ready to give you reliable operation and dependable performance.


In-House and Field Service

Things sometimes go wrong, and we’ll do our best to get you going again regardless of where you bought the hardware. Whether here at our shop located on the property of the New Jersey Motorsports Park, at some other racing facility or at your own location, we have the tools and the expertise to repair most failures on the spot and get you back in operation.


User Training

Whether your technology was already in the car when you bought it or it’s something you bought yourself and just can’t figure out, we’ll make sure it’s operating to its fullest potential and explain to you the ins and outs of how it works in terms that make sense to normal humans.