Performance Information Technologies --  PITdata -- onboard data

Contractor and Fleet Vehicles

Public Safety and Emergency Response

Performance Information Technologies

specializes in aftermarket on-board electronic systems for mobile and vehicular operations, including commercial contractor fleets, public service and first responder fleets, motorsports and motor racing.

Performance Information Technologies

is dedicated to helping our clients utilize science as a tool to drive their success, implementing the most appropriate technology that will allow them to derive the greatest value from their working vehicle assets. We provide goods and services to clients for whom the optimum performance or dependability of a vehicle is crucial, those for whom it is important to have a record of the activities on, in or around a vehicle or any who must depend on the use of a vehicle in their normal course of business activities.

The applications we provide might include:
  • Video/audio/data acquisition (DAQ), telemetry and recording
  • Drivetrain monitoring and control
  • Vehicle tracking, locating and geographical fencing
  • Vehicle-to-base, vehicle-to-vehicle and intra-vehicle communications
  • Audio, video, voice and data transmission and reception
  • Remote fixed-base operations
  • Rapid deployment of branch operations
  • Internet-of-Things field deployment
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) and mobile office data connectivity
Our services include:
  • Video/data driver coaching
  • High performance driver education (HPDE)
  • Trackside support
  • Systems design and consulting
  • Equipment sales and installation
  • In-house and field service and support
  • User training